A person who has little to say, but takes forever to explain it. Can also be used to describe a person who tells a story that seems to go on forever even though is has very little substance.
dude 1: Man I just saw scott and he told me the story about his trip to jamacia, he went on forever about it.

dude 2: I hear that, he's one longwinded asshole.
by TV CAR April 11, 2010
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A person that is particularly longwinded when answering, talking, questioning, referring and generally any other type on verbal interaction. It is a More common trait in annoying young females that are naturally oblivious to other people's disinterest in their conversation.

Can also be applied as a verb for people that are naturally slow in completing simple mundane activites.
I.e. "Where's bec?" "Oh she'll be ages, she's longwinding the shit out of her." "sigh... Fucking Longwind!"
by JewySloth July 8, 2013
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