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Named after the great Edward Longshaft, who was famous for the use of his extremely large member and his excessive thrusting that accompanied it in his bedroom antics. The term longshafting refers to any pelvic thrust over 2 feet in length during sexual intercourse. It does not have to be accompanied by a 2 foot member, and should be used cautiously as it can result in serious harm for those involved. The pile driver is the most efficient and safest position to use when learning the skill of longshafting.
"Hey, you know that girl from town the other night? We went back to hers and it got freaky. She had to bite down on her own arm when i started longshafting her."

"It has a major bend to the right in it cause i broke it one time when i was longshafting my ex girlfriend."
by AJ Phlare August 19, 2009
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