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Land so far out in the middle of nowhere that even the most basic artifacts of civilization are hard to come by.
Driver: "Ugh, that sign says 'Last Fuel for 250 miles', guess we better fill up!"
Passenger: "Yeah, welcome to God's Country"

by res3066 September 04, 2008
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The Sutherland Shire in southern Sydney. Definately the best place to live.
guy 1: man, check out the beach! and you have the bush too!
guy 2: yeah, we really do live in God's Country in the Shire
by dan_shire October 16, 2009
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Apparently, a country that has been blessed by God.

It's what Alabama isn't, despite the amount of people in Alabama named Cleatus who proclaim "THIS IS GOD'S COUNTRY!!!!" after drinking 20 beers and fucking their sister. If Alabama truly is "God's country", then he must have really fucked up.
Yes, because "God's country" is obviously a place full of rednecks who take a shower once a year, drink more beer in one day than the average alcoholic does in an entire week, watch NASCAR because seeing cars going around in circles at 200 miles an hour for 3 hours is REALLY EXCITING (apparently), read the entire Bible in one night, and hate black people (though they still call them niggers because they can't get over the fact that they lost the Civil War and that segregation was abolished).
by GOD DOMMIT FRONK February 02, 2009
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