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Long Grove

Commonly referred to as The LG. The LG is often overshadowed by the adjacent snobby jewish town of Buffalo Grove. However, Long Grove has much more character and personality in its neighborhoods and historic downtown. The LG is most famously known for their notorious gang known as "The LG 8". The LG 8 had run the streets of Long Grove for the last 18 years. The LG 8 is a united group of cold blooded killers that are known predominantly for riding their bikes around town and causing havoc. During their 4 years in High School the LG 8 ran into some internal problems. The egos among members caused many facebook fights that has left the gang scared and wounded. Recently the LG 8 have all gone their separate ways into colleges in different states, however, the gang still runs through their blood, each and every one of them. It is rumored that the tensions of the gang have been settled and that differences have been put aside to restore the brotherhood that they once shared. The LG 8 is united under and tied to the streets of Long Grove. It is a brotherhood that can’t be explained or understood by anyone outside of LG. Long Grove may be the greatest town on earth.
Long Grove kids are so damn cool.
by LG Kid October 25, 2011
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