The flesh of a man intended for eating.

Derived from 'puaa oa', a phrase originating in the Marquesan language to euphemistically refer to cannibalism.

The phrase first appeared in Fredrick O’Brien's 1919 travelogue of French Polynesia, "White Shadows in the South Seas".
"Upon it once stood the temple and about it were enacted the rites of mystery, when the priests and elders fed on the 'long pig that speaks,' when the drums beat till dawn and wild dances maddened the blood." (p. 175, ibid.)
by Astounder October 13, 2009
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slang term for human flesh prepared as the flesh of a pig. Usually used to sell human flesh to tourists in East Asian countries. Long Pig is best when avoided entirely.
by Zach January 30, 2004
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The Flesh of a Human as food especially in some Pacific island
The Long pig can be consume for cannibal in some Part of Pacific Island
by TigerWorld February 2, 2021
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a southern male with an abnormally large, crinkley , wart infested penis.
person a: " Last night i got fucked by your brother."

person b" You do know he has a foot long pig, right?"

Person a:" O.O.!!!!!"
by UsaNii December 4, 2011
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