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Represents the teaching of loli equality, which simply states:
"Every loli, regardless of age or look, must and will be treated equally by lolicons or face severe consequences by the lolicon community!

The following qualifies as equal treatment: Headpats, Hugs, Snuggles...

Under absolutely no circumstances will a lolicon lewd or hurt any loli! If they do, they will be taken into custody by the Loli Police and trialed for their crimes before being put into jail for a predetermined time!"
Lolicon 1: "Aw, man! This loli is super hot! I want to lewd her so bad!
Lolicon 2: "Hey! Don't forget about Loliquality, you idiot! Lolis have rights too, you know?!"
by Kreateer August 07, 2018
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