When you masturbate while pooping. A combination of dropping a log and jacking off.
Guy1: "Did you just Log Off in the work bathroom?!"
Guy2: "Do you mean masturbating while pooping? I wouldn't do that!"
Guy1: "I heard you and smelled it! I know you were Logging off in the stall next to me and if it every happens again I will kill you!"
by Irrad March 9, 2012
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When someone decides to exit playing a video game or program.
User1: Hey, do you want to raid Molten Core in 10mins?

User2: Actually, I'm just about log off.

User1: My account isn't work properly.

User2: Have you tried to log off and re log?
by Stelarus October 21, 2014
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Another way to tell someone get out of your face or to stop harassing you.
Chick 1: Was that you making time with my boyfriend last night at the club?
Chick 2: You better log-off sister, he's my boyfriend now.
by Bifloman July 19, 2008
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n : manual stimulation of the genital organs while playing on your personal computer.
Chris was logging off before he went home for the day.
by Chris da raiser October 20, 2005
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Edward:Hey ima log off that chick Dorothy
Charlie:Yeah she ugly.
by The Goblinn March 18, 2009
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A dump that has been put on hold during a particularly long stretch online. Usually interupting a long chat session or on-line game such as Warcraft or Second life.
Lou: "Just GO! Stop talking about how bad you have to go, just GO!"
Rick:"I'm about to uplevel, I don't want to log off right now!"
by mo-yo December 23, 2006
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to log-off, or logging-off; Exiting a situation due to boredom or gheyness. Can also be used to tell someone who is acting ghey or stupid to leave or die.
"Dude, stop being ghey, please log off of life."
"Eff you man, this party is so lame, I'm logging-off of this sausage fest."
by eRoc_of_Triple_A December 19, 2008
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