When one person prematurely trys to open the passenger door on a vehicle while the driver simultaneously trys to unlock the door, causing it to relock and keep the passenger outside.
"Hey man let me in the car already, it's cold out here!"

"I've been trying to, but you've lockblocked me like 5 times in a row now!"
by Stytches June 3, 2005
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A person who prevents the unlocking of his car door by pulling the door handle at the same time the driver presses the unlock button.
Person 1: "Hey man, can you unlock my door again? I accidentally pulled the handle." Person 2: "Could you stop being such a fucking lockblocker?"
by Edahn Small December 24, 2005
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The phenomenon that occurs when someone is trying to open a car door while someone else is trying to unlock the door at the same, resulting in a still locked door. Followed by repeated attempts and pointing and laughing.
Person waiting for the door to unlock: Hey Rick, unlock the door already, you bastard.

Person with the keys: I would, if you kept your crab covered hand off the handle and stopped lockblocking me.
by Bort125 December 12, 2010
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The act of registering for an online poker tournament at the last second in order to ruin it from locking and creating massive overlay for a few remaining players.
I hated a couple of those guys in the 606 $1,000 deep stack so I registered at the last second to prevent them from locking the tournament. It was the ultimate use of lockblocking.
by EmperorAjay October 23, 2016
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When COVID-19 restrictions stop you from getting a fuck
Was going to fuck this hottie, but the Delta-variant lockblocked me
by Deviantsdo August 7, 2021
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