Located in Pennsylvania it is the home of Lock Haven University, and a beautiful place to live.
Caution: Do not date any men living there, most of them are worthless.
I love Lock Haven, I just hate the guys... well boys living here.
by Lulz Anon May 24, 2008
The city of Lock Haven is the county seat of Clinton County, in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. Located near the confluence of the West Branch Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Creek, At the 2000 census, Lock Haven's population was 9,149. Built on a site long favored by pre-European peoples, Lock Haven began in 1833 as a timber town and a haven for loggers, boatmen, and other travelers on the river or the canal. A light-aircraft factory, a college, and a paper mill, and many more smaller enterprises are present in Lock Haven. A levee or as it is called in Lock Haven "the Dyke", completed in 1995, protects the city from further flooding. While industry remains important to the city, about a third of Lock Haven's workforce is employed in education, health care, or social services.

Some words of advice: A lot of the men and woman in Lock Haven are back stabbers and nosy cunts.
"I am from Lock Haven, but I am not an asshole like most the others that live there"
"Lock Haven was flooded really bad in what we call The flood of 1972"

"Most the people in Lock haven are addicted to some type of drug. Even teachers and child social workers"
by Shadow_Assassin March 6, 2016
Located in the heart of PA. Beautiful town, Beautiful scenery. Lots of lowlife welfare pieces of shit and meth addicts. Dating the women there will surely give you STDs and they will fuck anything that moves. Cheating lying scum.
Don't go to Lock Haven.
by Anonmothafucka March 7, 2016
A college somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania where men are men and Women are too.
"Wow, Lock Haven University's women's teams always seam to win. They must all be dudes."
by Dan Short May 21, 2007
A primarily white college in the middle of no mans land, Pennsylvania. Parties all night, study all day. The college kids dont give a shit about townies and run the entire town.
It dont matter if ur black, white, latino or russian, Everyone parties together. School also has a lot of international students who are very hott. The school is about 15 mins away from State college where a lot of people go to party. Good school to get ur shyt done and graduate in time, while also having a good time. Some people think its boring because they never take the time to have fun with other people, instead they stick with the same cliques and complain when they get bored.
Lock Haven University the place where girls are hot and naked girls skinny dipping in the dike are even hotter.