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Fat people having non consented sexual intercourse with each other whilst playing World of Warcraft. Sometimes Nads hair removal is used in the process while bouncing on gay peoples' testicles. It is quite often during a Llama Party for people to get unnaturally rough with each other and begin to throw midgets at one another. And then sometimes these midgets get mad and then hide under bed and take all your socks hostage, threatening to sew messages on them if you don't treat them nicely. It is also quite common during a Llama Party to come out of the closet and repeatedly offer you some toast. Don't accept because then they will keep giving you toast and you'll eventually get toast diabetes. This, as we all know, is a very dangerous disease that can be passed on to your tiny midget hole, where midgets are inserted. If your midget hole closes up and becomes infected, it won't be able to re-fuel itself and you'll become a midget too. Touche.
"Wow did you hear about the latest Llama Party? I heard that that World of Warcraft Freak Out kid was there and he really just bashed those midgets. There were messages on his socks such as 'Let our people go!' and 'Pick on someone your own size!' and 'Frodo Baggins is MY lover!'"
by Fake and Gay 186 February 20, 2010
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