verb - (origin: Short for "Elizabeth Lambert", University of New Mexico women's soccer enforcer) to pull hair, punch, chop or otherwise get fiesty in the heat of athletic competition
"She just got lizlamed!"; "The next time you drive into the lane, I might have to lizlam you."
by PiningForLiz November 13, 2009
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A wide-spanning religion, started by a A Nun that Exhibits Satanic Qualities and later joined by a Super Sexy Jesus, who became one of the religion's main desciples. It's a religion that started as a small sect, but recently has undergone a wide-ranging expansion and has gained the loyalty of a large list of followers. The growing number of co-religionists will soon include celebrities. Hollywood celebrity Tom Cruise is rumoured to have defected from the cult of scientology and is currently vying for Lizlam membership. His application is currently under review.
"Join Lizlam for a new and better way of life and to gain a positive outlook on spirituality".
by Kent Kingsley February 19, 2006
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