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Livia Is One Of The Greatest People You'll Ever Meet! She Is sweet,caring,and understands of all of your issues and best of all she'll listen.She Tries Her Best To Make Others Happy,While No One Realizes That She Is In Great Pain,Her Life Is Falling Apart But She Keeps All Her Emotions And Feelings Concealed.If She Loves You,She Will Love You With All Her Heart.She Is SUPER Weird,Funny,Nice,But If She Doesn't Like You,She Will Be Mean Asf To You.She Is So Gorgeous But She Doesn't Realize It.
by Jaydonlove December 18, 2015
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the act of texting people while you are pooping
ex. (talking to a friend on fbook chat)

person 1: hey man whats going on tonight
person 2: i gotta go to the bathroom il poopt you


person 1: whatsup man what are you doing?
person 2: poopting you
by mr.poopter January 26, 2011
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Livia is a crazy, amazing girl who is sure to put a smile on your face. You might occasionally argue over petty things but you all will make up quickly. She is athletic and kinda short with beautiful brown hair and hazel eyes. No matter what she is there for you. She’ll ask to FaceTime for homework help and then you end up talking for an hour about relationships 😂. If you are lucky enough to be dating livia you need to be the best bf ever because she deserves the best. If she is your bestie then you all will hopefully be friends forever. She is very talented especially at running and art. Livia is beautiful and funny, a little insane at times but she is a great person and even tho she might sometimes be insecure everyone loves her.
Hold on let me call livia. We need to work on math homework.

1 hour later: Oml did you see what happened with blah blah in science???

Who is your best friend?
Livia of course
via giphy
by Laxgurl50 April 12, 2018
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Livia is the type of girl who would sit around with you having deep conversations with you, she lives for those. She is the one who makes dirty jokes at all the wrong times but you can’t help but laugh, she’s someone who will always be there to talk to if you need it even if you aren’t friends anymore. She’s got gorgeous eyes and the most beautiful personality. She’s shy, introverted. But when she comes out of her shell she’s a wild one. She loves car rides and she loves her mama. She’s an ambitious one, she aims high and never looks down. And she never depends on anyone. She’s independent, likes to do things on her own. She’s unique, one of a kind. She’s bold and beautiful and she doesn’t see it. She’s a lover. She will love you with her whole heart, just don’t piss her off. Livia is the one who falls in love with few, but many fall for her. She’s just, you know, Livia. A smart one she is.

She is strong but she sensitive too. She doesn’t show weakness, or tries not to because she doesn’t like the attention. She doesn’t want people being sorry and giving her attention only because she is hurt. She would rather get attention because of her great successes in life. She is amazing, and you’d never forget her.
You know Livia?

Yeah, the pretty one with a beautiful smile?

by Kbaens May 29, 2018
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An awesome friend who listens to you, not shy, and loves cheering. But be on her bad side and she's a mean ass bitch. She's chill with most people. She is one in a million and is beautiful but has some home issues and is very complicated to deal with. Your one lucky guy if you can date her.
by I know ur reading this July 19, 2017
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livia is a sweet caring person who always listens to your problems and never is mean to you. She never fights back to you unless your not her friend. Every person wants to be friends with her and some guys have a crush on her but overall she is super friendly and is not afraid to walk up to a random person and say hi. livia is super friendly and makes tons of jokes that'll make everyone laugh. she is nice and sweet to all. Livia typically has short brown hair, she is usually tall and has a younger sister, possibly a dog too. she is very musical and like to sing and play instruments, she also likes to act and do plays with leading rolls. she is also very athletic in running sports. Livia is amazing and you should be friends with her or at least stay friends with her and dont let her go.
Livia is the best and has awesome talents
by doggysplutron December 05, 2018
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A lovely, loveable, bright, energetic woman with a generous spirit and a sparkle in her eye. A darling who loves to say "Good Morning" at any time of day.
I always feel energized when I see Livia.
by dnightlight February 03, 2010
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