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Livia is the type of girl who would sit around with you having deep conversations with you, she lives for those. She is the one who makes dirty jokes at all the wrong times but you can’t help but laugh, she’s someone who will always be there to talk to if you need it even if you aren’t friends anymore. She’s got gorgeous eyes and the most beautiful personality. She’s shy, introverted. But when she comes out of her shell she’s a wild one. She loves car rides and she loves her mama. She’s an ambitious one, she aims high and never looks down. And she never depends on anyone. She’s independent, likes to do things on her own. She’s unique, one of a kind. She’s bold and beautiful and she doesn’t see it. She’s a lover. She will love you with her whole heart, just don’t piss her off. Livia is the one who falls in love with few, but many fall for her. She’s just, you know, Livia. A smart one she is.

She is strong but she sensitive too. She doesn’t show weakness, or tries not to because she doesn’t like the attention. She doesn’t want people being sorry and giving her attention only because she is hurt. She would rather get attention because of her great successes in life. She is amazing, and you’d never forget her.
You know Livia?

Yeah, the pretty one with a beautiful smile?

by Kbaens May 29, 2018

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