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Livia is a crazy, amazing girl who is sure to put a smile on your face. You might occasionally argue over petty things but you all will make up quickly. She is athletic and kinda short with beautiful brown hair and hazel eyes. No matter what she is there for you. She’ll ask to FaceTime for homework help and then you end up talking for an hour about relationships 😂. If you are lucky enough to be dating livia you need to be the best bf ever because she deserves the best. If she is your bestie then you all will hopefully be friends forever. She is very talented especially at running and art. Livia is beautiful and funny, a little insane at times but she is a great person and even tho she might sometimes be insecure everyone loves her.
Hold on let me call livia. We need to work on math homework.

1 hour later: Oml did you see what happened with blah blah in science???

Who is your best friend?
Livia of course
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by Laxgurl50 April 12, 2018

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