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A skinny, lanky dude who eats a lot of unhealthy food but can never get fat. I know ladies, frustrating. He has several weird mood swings throughout the day that you eventually learn to love, after getting annoyed countless times. A Liuis is always outgoing, which if you're in a bad mood will annoy you, watches Bugs Bunny with his sister, yes he has a soft heart, and loves playing musical instruments (haha lol). A typical Liuis wears glasses and often holds his binder like a briefcase, causing people to think he is a successful business man, which he will become. (at least he hopes). Most Liuis experience major back pains while running 6 laps and playing basketball as he is secretly a 90 year old man. (We're not laughing at you, we're laughing at your pain old guy!) Every Liuis has a certain little buddy who is currently actually growing that he loves a lot. Everyday, he and his buddy walks home to be environmentally friendly and bugs anybody who gets a ride home. If you know a Liuis then your life has become 100x better. Liuis never fail to put a smile on your face when you are in your darkest moods. If you know a Liuis, then you should tease him, laugh at his jokes/mood swings, tap his head everyday as this annoys him, and keep him close your heart. He is as true as a friend as you can get. <3
i wanna be a Liuis when I grow up!

Holy crap Liuis, do you eat anything?

Check out that dude, he's as tall as a tree! He must be a Liuis!

Way to save the environment you Liuis!

Ow, my backs killing me. I'm turning into a Liuis!
by laughingdudes December 31, 2012
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