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Usually used as an insult, for someone who annoys others for no reason,
E.g. I have told my son to attend classes in order to graduate but that little punk keeps defying me!
That little punk came in the night and graffiti my walls.
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by Phoenix786 November 16, 2016
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Someone that is a punk, but smaller than a punk. Hence a little punk. See also greek definition Littious Punkious.
It's like when Jennifer Brantley is supposed to let you know she is going to the airport so you can be a gentleman and giver her a ride but then all the sudden she textes you saying "I'm already here. I was kind of hanging out. I'm leaving in a few"... Then all you can say to that is - "What a little punk!".
by GettingBackAtYou December 31, 2013
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