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When your dick isn't just casually erected, and is instead going out-of-its-league full-throttle fuck-beam boner mode, and lasts for a longer period (not menstruation..) of time. You may think its the type of long-lasting boner you get when sitting in the car, but no. This is a very rare boner. Spend your time wisely when having this precious opportuni..oh fuck. I, gift, or..idk., you get the jizz. Oh fuck, i mean jizt, o' gist, or..whatever. You get the point. ....ah fuck, that's what she said.... Point.
Scenario #1.
*In a car with my friend*
Carlos: Ok, what restaurant are we going to"
Me: Shit, Idk, I can't get my mind of this Lit Candle!!"
Carlos: " k "

Scenario #2
My dad: "......oh hey! is this Carlos?" Oh ok, I just wanted to let you know to stop over at our house to feed the dog and let him outside and all that..."
Carlos: "..oh ok, I'll stop by in 10 minutes.."
*So then went Carlos, he stopped by, and did everything my dad told him to over the phone..but then..he took orange construction paper and wrote: "Candle = Lit", and then put it under my pillow of my bed..
LMAO! Good memories..... Please vote this on, btw Subscribe to Rusty Cage while you're at it..
by SuperiorSteve64 October 29, 2019
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