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When your dick isn't just casually erected, and is instead going out-of-its-league full-throttle fuck-beam boner mode, and lasts for a longer period (not menstruation..) of time. You may think its the type of long-lasting boner you get when sitting in the car, but no. This is a very rare boner. Spend your time wisely when having this precious opportuni..oh fuck. I, gift, or..idk., you get the jizz. Oh fuck, i mean jizt, o' gist, or..whatever. You get the point. ....ah fuck, that's what she said.... Point.
Scenario #1.
*In a car with my friend*
Carlos: Ok, what restaurant are we going to"
Me: Shit, Idk, I can't get my mind of this Lit Candle!!"
Carlos: " k "

Scenario #2
My dad: "......oh hey! is this Carlos?" Oh ok, I just wanted to let you know to stop over at our house to feed the dog and let him outside and all that..."
Carlos: "..oh ok, I'll stop by in 10 minutes.."
*So then went Carlos, he stopped by, and did everything my dad told him to over the phone..but then..he took orange construction paper and wrote: "Candle = Lit", and then put it under my pillow of my bed..
LMAO! Good memories..... Please vote this on, btw Subscribe to Rusty Cage while you're at it..
by This is a nickname! Pseudonym? October 29, 2019
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