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This place is like a sex shop. You go in expecting to go in there not really expecting to buy anything but for a laugh or two because some of the stuff is ridiculous. But the longer you stay, you get the urge to buy something. You go to one item, and then to another, and then another. Before you know it you interested in every damn sex toy in that store, because you say "Hey, this stuff will make me not emo anymore". You buy one, go home, and never felt better. You go back, and buy more and more. You go there so much you end up being sucked in it's attractive and manipulative environment. You will never leave again....ever
Liquid Lurker is the best site on earth, when it's alive!

Kcube has the dildo
Placebo likes the buttplug
DC likes the vibrator
BDZ likes to double head dildo with MessyMurder
EnormousAxie likes to smoke cigarette in the corner and watch it all
Jerome is a cool motha fuzza and likes to coordinate everything and film it
Sunsha and cute little Peachy there like to trib with eachother
by Boss Betty January 27, 2008
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A place full of internet trolls who pass the time by discussing some of the most ridiculous subjects ever known to man. The place is under the control of five security guards, known as Kcube, Chev, Azimio, ScarfaceEvaStar and Kill You.

They have the most interesting trolls in the history of the internet. A few death and black metal freaks, a vampire, a priest and a few indie freaks. Also, Lady Gaga, Hitler and Nicholas Cage post here. Apparently...
Jeff: Who are Chev, DemonCashew, ZiggyStardust, eet_and_ern, Gore for Grace, Kcube, Jerome...

Jacob: They are Liquid Lurker.

Jeff: What?

Jacob: You know, Liquid Lurker. Land of the trolls.
by Penis Neck January 31, 2010
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A naturally-occurring parvovirus infection found in mice
Doctor 1: We must operate, quickly!

Doctor 2: It's already too late, he has liquid lurker.

Doctor 1: Are you even a real doctor?

Doctor 2: No, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
by fgs November 09, 2007
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A place filled with retards and faggots, using dry humor and gay jokes to try and forget that in the end, they are a bunch of dumbasses who have nothing else to do but ban cool members like sgubon.
Hey, I heard Joey was blinded while browsing the internet.

Yeah, he decided to check out that hip fresh forum, Liquid Lurker.
by Jaimi "Azimio" Johnson May 10, 2007
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