Gore for Grace (named after Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane) is one of the head acolytes in the demon worshipping cult known as the Brotherhood of Hecate. Gore for Grace has been known to work online as well as offline, he has gotten notority for sending threats to people through the internet to people who's website he found offensive. Often, Gore for Grace would act on his threats, and has been arrested several times for cult related crimes.

Gore for Grace has been labeled as a Troll on many occassions, and has announced before that he is a proffesional online Troll. Gore for Grace is also able to hack websites but very rarely resorts to this.

Gore for Grace is considered one of the most aggressive, if not THE most aggressive acolyte of The Brotherhood of Hecate. Gore for Grace has successfully closed down websites before. Due to his internet related activities, Gore for Grace has gotten a lot of notority in the internet world as a Troll.
Bob: Did you hear about that celebrity porn site that got raided and closed down? If you go to the site now, it just reads "This site is now under control of The Brotherhood".

Alex: Yeah... Gore for Grace got 'em...
by Shaun Helms. January 28, 2010
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