Two lesbians who shave their vaginas, and enjoy bumping their vaginas together.
After Emma and Jessica shower shave their vaginas, they enjoy lip smacking each other.
by Apples78 February 3, 2010
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A sexual term when you smack lips against a vagina.
Guy: "Dude I totally lip-smacked her last night!"
by Mr.MurderMan May 27, 2017
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Girl puts her vagina in your face non-sexually. AKA: Feminine T-bag
Girl: I totally Lip-smacked that jerk.
by Garehime August 21, 2019
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A term defined for two men who lock lips for an extended period of time. Lip smacking tends to lead to further sexual behavior.
Those men were lip smacking for quite some time
by jricoj November 8, 2012
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When over effeminate gay guys or over masculine black women talk they talk with a smack smacking their lips to the point where you can hear them
Tommy Sotomayor always likes to point out how black women Lip Smack Chat
by EmJayee February 6, 2018
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