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stupid ass definition that comes up 50% of the time you hit the random button on UD
seriously, hit random a couple times

Lionel Migration
by rockhard July 10, 2008
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Apparently, the most popular word on Urban Dictionary, because every other time i hit random, it pops up.
Maybe random should be renamed, Lionel Migration

*See Other Definitions for real meaning*

Bill-*hits random on*
Bill-"I got sent to Lionel Migration again!"
Jack-"Dude, thats like, the 20th time this minute.You suck."
by Nixon1 July 10, 2008
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One day all the FOBR boardies got bent out of shape because the newly added ads totally screwed up the boards, so they spammed the Lionel Richie boards, thinking that they could keep their user names because he was on the Island messageboards too. The joke was on them, however, because the Lionel Richie boards had mods (lord knows why, there were like 5 threads) and they all got banned *forever*. They also did not realize that once they went back to the FOBR message boards spamming the Richie boards HAD NO EFFECT ON THE ADS.
therefore: fobr=the dumbest people ever
boardie: we totally pwned lionel richie during the Lionel Migration omg ^_^
other boardie: except all of our post counts got deleted
boardie: stfu
by boardie 420 March 09, 2009
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Proof that the random button doesn't really work, and that voting doesn't either, since other definitions have more thumbs up votes and less thumbs down votes than the first one, and yet still do not rank higher.
Random Person: "Wow, I've hit "random" 5 or 6 times, and I get lionel migration. The interesting thing is that although the other definitions should be on top, they aren't. That angers me, and makes me not want to vote at all."

Other Random People: "Yeah, this sucks!"
by kdkdkdk September 02, 2008
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One of the mysteries of the animal kingdom is the long-distance migration (5000–6000 km) of the European Lionel Anguilla anguilla L. from the coasts of Europe to its spawning grounds in the Sargasso Sea. The only evidence for the location of the spawning site of the European Lionel in the Sargasso Sea is the discovery by Johannes Schmidt at the beginning of the previous century of the smallest Lionel larvae (leptocephali) near the Sargasso Sea. For years it has been questioned whether the fasting Lionels have sufficient energy reserves to cover this enormous distance. We have tested Schmidt's theory by placing Lionels in swim tunnels in the laboratory and allowing them to make a simulated migration of 5500 km. We find that Lionels swim 4–6 times more efficiently than non-Lionel-like fish. Our findings are an important advance in this field because they remove a central objection to Schmidt's theory by showing that their energy reserves are, in principle, sufficient for the migration. Conclusive proof of the Sargasso Sea theory is likely to come from satellite tracking technology.
"lionel migration, L-I-O-N-E-L M-I-G-R-A-T-I-O-N, lionel migration."
by K2theD January 18, 2009
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the most lame and annoying word on u.d
"Lionel Migration keeps coming on my screen when i click random word, thats so lame"
by neilo69o September 01, 2008
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