The physical embodiment of a figurative lion-like pose which sometimes occurs when a man ejaculates whilst engaged in sexual intercourse. The lion roar specifically relates to the arched back and head, open-mouthed, eyes closed pose adopted at the moment of ecstasy.
As rapped by Asher Roth in his song Lion Roar;

"Slidin on your side and curves, satisfy the primal urge
Ridin on you back and forth, that's how you make my lion roar"
by sex freek May 27, 2009
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Projectile vomiting and/or dry-heaving at loud volumes. Produces a noise similar to a lion roaring. Usually happens between the hours of 3-7am, but occasionally will occur after waking in late-afternoon. Extremely funny to watch.

Often is videotaped and posted on Facebook.
Person A: Where's Phil?

Person B: He just puked, it was a real Lion's Roar!
by Bad Sebs June 4, 2009
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#1: "Did you just orgasm?"
#2: "Yeah I just drank a Roaring Lion"
#1: "Ahhhh"
by dcalfine May 17, 2010
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a massive or especially hard boner, named after the seattle based energy drink.
Dude, I had such a roaring lion i just had to go jack off.
by askdj2 August 6, 2006
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