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The romantic and/or sexual pairing of Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter series.
Definitely not canon but still quite widely appreciated.
Probably comes from the fact that in the books, Ginny is protective of Luna and they seem to really appreciate each other.
I really ship Linny!
by abcdefgheregoesthealphabet April 20, 2017
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Most amazing girl, pretty, hot, and beautiful on the outside, but inside, simply the most wonderful girl ever because funny, kind, smart, pretty and very loyal, so you can't help loving a Linny. She makes a great friend because she's always there to listen to your troubles, and very dependable - you can always count on Linny because she will go out of her way to be of help to others, and puts herself before others and what's convenient for her, and a lover because she is just the best person to be with and always makes you smile even when you don't feel like it like if you've had a shit day because a Linny always makes things better. She will never fail to brighten your day with her amazing sense of humour and ability to crack jokes and banter, like endless sunshine and summer all year round, and she helps you solve your problems because she's so clever at thinking of solutions. She is never mean, she stands up against bullies and is bold in defending others and herself so don't mess about when Linny is around! She is very sensitive towards others and takes care not to hurt people's feelings, and she cherishes all her friends and family and has a big golden heart capable of a lot of great love to lots of great people. Linny isn't someone to let go of, and if you know a Linny you are very lucky indeed because they're so rare and amazing and a keeper, so never ever break her heart because she doesn't ever deserve that and you will regret it.
Guy 1: Linnies are perfect.
Guy 2: Aw mate, I wish I had a Linny.
by MaybeNotArabella June 03, 2018
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A boring, plain looking skinny girl, usually freckly, who is insecure and gets extremely jealous if her boyfriend dares to look at or talk to anyone but her.
There's a really hot guy by the bar but his linny is giving me daggers for looking at him.

Are you jealous? You're not doing a Linny are you?
by deciderline August 18, 2011
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