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a geek affliction whereby a poster on a forum disregards the last post and continues with his or her own; this is also called crossposting, and is a horrible disease.

People exhibiting this type of behavior show no regard for the edit button, and usually have no idea the cure is quite simple: refresh, edit, and re-submit. While in the throws of a Linkitis-fit, afflicted posters will generally never delete their infected post, forcing other posters to take up the slack, delete THEIR own post, and make some sort of a cheeky reference.

This affliction occurs quite often on the Lostpedia forums, and was first discovered in late August of 2007. Named after Link McCloud, Linkitis is only getting worse lately; scientists are currently unable to figure out why this continues. Remember: refresh, edit, resubmit.
(example taken from THE QUESTION GAME thread):

AlaskaDave: Whats your favorite fruit
fredcar: Bananas. Do you like Baseball?
CurbFan: Yes, but Rugby is better. Do you LOST DVDs?
by AlaskaDave October 05, 2007
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Linkitis is a horrible internet-based deasease.
This desease often is caused by tiny Linkittens which infest one's post and causes them to miss or ignore the post directly above them.
Malinkitis is often a variation of the desease that causes the poster to miss 2 or more posts.

The best ways to avoid Linkitis is to apply a Linkondom (also known as an Edit Button) or to abstain from posting in large groups where Linkittens are often prone to strike.
You posting so close to me gave me Linkitis.
by Malion November 25, 2007
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A geek condition, where instead of talking in the forum, chat, etc, an individual will throw links out.
<firstd00d> what do you think about football?
<2ndd00d> rox
<firstd00d> well, what do you think about President Bush?
<firstd00d> thats a pretty bad case of linkitis, mate.
by Tony Monteleone May 10, 2006
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