Link up = meet up
Hannah: omg I miss u so much we definitely need to link up soon!
by Bitchy.girlll December 23, 2018
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when you want to get together or meet up with someone
boy: So do you wanna link up?
girl: Ok
by BaybeeJ November 16, 2008
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to call someone, let someone know what's going on... Link UP The Celly !
by Kilos April 26, 2007
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To meet up and engage in sexual activities.
Boy: Im horny do you want to link up?
Girl: Yes, link up at my house in an hour.
by EareT Sivad January 9, 2015
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The act of a woman sitting on someones shoulders backwards while the person on the bottom has their tongue in the woman's pussy.
my girlfriend couldn't reach the jar so I put her on my shoulders and we had to link-up so she didn't fall.
by Geoffy Geoff May 24, 2011
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