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n 1: A 39 year old(Carbon dating would suggest she surfaced in the Neolithic age) bored old housewife. Unhappy with her ho-hum drab life, The Limejello enjoys nothing more than spending her time trolling on internet forums. Fueled by the fact that she regrets the choices she has made in her life (Getting married to a bland slob, having children with a bland slob, not being with the guy in Colorado),she projects her unhappiness & insecurities in the form of blind hatred onto the young, beautiful, and intelligent.
The Limejello will side with anyone who grovels at her cloven feet(This sect is known as the Jelloites. Led by Logan1962 and Bumba). The Limejello will lavish false praise upon them, even if they speak and behave in the same manner as those she unsuccessfully attempts to flame.
On the inter-web, The Limejello should be ignored. If confronted on the outside world by The Limejello, the best option is fleeing. For the Mythology of The Limejello suggest her cavernous, dank,vile tooth bearing vagina has been known to engulf everything from large rodents to small central American villages.
Avoid at all costs.
"Every 23 years, for 23 days, The Limejello feeds."
by Keller June 16, 2006
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A universally interchangable negative superlative. May be used to describe any person, quality, situation etc. to indicate that the thing described is the most horrible ever. May be any part of speech.
She's fat, has no sense of humor, is a stupid, delusional, obsessive, lying, angry, ugly, filty pig. In short, she's limejello.
by Jannette Marie October 05, 2006
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a hot,sexy, and witty 39 year old woman who continues to do great pwnage to obsessed, lonely, sweaty and swarthy boys.
a student to another student re: a female teachers pwnage of them:

oh she so limejello'd you, dude!
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