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One of the very first Web models. Amber was so adorable. Her website basially potrayed her as a young 12-year-old girl who lived on a farm. Her website sold pictures and videos of her, where her fans could see her riding her horses (as well as cleaning them and feeding them), jumping on her trampoline, lying on her hamock, opening presents from her fans, playing on her computer, shooting her bb gun at a can of Pepsi (which was her favorite drink), swimming in her pond, playing with her sister and friends, celebrating birthdays, etc, the list could go on forever. She had fans of all ages. Amber was really a great model, and one to be remembered forever.
LilAmber from her 4th video:

"I want to be a singer, and for a part time job I want to be an astronomer."

by Not just a poet September 01, 2005
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