When Atlanta based rapper, Lil Uzi Vert gets some pussy
Shith ead: Uzi come and eat my pussy
Uzi: Of course Shith ead
Shith ead: ahhh ohhh
Uzi: Money got longer, tongue got faster, it do not matter Lil Uzi is a fire pussy eater
Uzi: Always feed me pussy cause All My Friends are Dead

Shith ead: Thanks Uzi, I am fullfilled with your saliva, from here on, YOU ARE LIL PUSSY VERT!!!!!
by dINGObark December 25, 2017
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you know he's a great guy sometimes, but holy fucking shit man, the majority of the time you just wanna just get a fucking cast iron and decapitate his fucking head with it cause of how much a lil pussy ass bitch he is...
friend: hey you know that guy named zain?
me: yeah dude, he's a lil pussy ass bitch... really wanna kick his shit in sometimes man ngl
by NYXALIAN September 5, 2020
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The princess of TronTopia. owner of 10 cats and 12 extra chromosome parrots. Also whips the family car van like an absolute g
is that lil pussy princess of trontopia? she’s hella rich fr!
by oWishes July 6, 2022
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A person who is scared of everything and is a pussy and a big ol bitch
by Lord -_- headass July 7, 2020
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