A Chicago rapper who is pretty ugly looking but makes some good music
John: have you listened to lil durks new album
by Crookedloki1417 June 10, 2021
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A rapper from Chicago who resembles the fortnite doggo skin.
This man Lil Durk look like the doggo skin off of fortnite ngl.
by Weekum June 14, 2021
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Lil durk is a goofy rapper from oblock he likes to say he gone slide for von but he never has
Person 1:lil durk hard asf

Person 2:mane stfu hoe yb better
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Lil durk fans are like young boy fan but come in different styles.
1 is the old fan aka fruity gay bitch.
2 is the new fan who where’s regular shirt with jeans and Jordan’s. This fan might seem like a soft ass bitch bc he keeps saying things like “you can’t run when we shoot” in a depressed ass voice or “see I’m the voice , baby he the hero” but this is the person not to mess with because they have there inner young boy fan x 100
Lil durk fan - “ain’t no lacking she said I’m a nigga from the trenches with a accent”
NBA yb fan- “young boy better”

Nba yb fan gets his shit beat.

Meek mill fan pops up randomly- “I be fucking this nba niggas bitch but she know I ain’t never gonna say shit”

Lil durk fans are people that look soft outside but are demons on the inside but never talk down bout anyone because they usually the quite kid.
by Nigga With Attitude. May 4, 2022
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Lil Durk is a pussy rapper from the sissy city of Chicago him and King Von used to play dick in butt then after his boyfriend died all he’s done is cry and make music acting like he’s she’s
Lil Durk is a bitch

Chicago is only hard in the rap scene
by YaMamaSucks4Foodstamps:/ August 14, 2022
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