Brandon McCartney realized that hip hop today has more haters than there are people who praise what they actually like. So he hit the mall, swagged himself up, and went to work writing hilarious, self-conceited raps ever. Through websites like MySpace and Twitter (this was back when MySpace was a thriving community and the success of Facebook was a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg's eye) he gained an online following and now has 5 albums out, thanks to the haters.
by CaptainHurpDurp October 12, 2011
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The Based God himself. The most swagged up person on the planet. A Pretty ass bitch. Looks like Jesus, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, a martian, and anything you could think of. He will fuck all your bitches, and most likely your mom. You can only understand his teachings if you based yourself.
Dude 1: "Have you heard that new Lil B? Its amazing man!"


Dude 1: "exactly."
by L_S_F November 12, 2010
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The man with the most classic games everything he says is a classic
You know Lil B's new album?

Yes its a classic
You ever heard it?

No but its a classic
by SexyManAstolfo May 30, 2021
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Modern day musical genius with PIMP beats. His beats are often heard in collaboration with the rap of Tucent.
This is my homeboi lil' b.
by T January 12, 2004
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The greatest rapper alive on the planet, he created the rap genre and carried through all of its lifetime
Person 1:Who do you listen to the most?
Person 2:Lil B, the greatest rapper ever
by SabaPro July 06, 2021
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Producer of beats that are off the hook. Used in tucent's new tracks. From the ghetto's of Santa Clara.
"Dawg, you heard about Lil' B's new beat its amazin!"
by Jane Koo January 11, 2004
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A rapper who thinks he looks like many people who have no resemblance to him. Has little to no rapping skills but people like him because he says the word "swag" a lot. Calls himself "based god" which also gives people an excuse to like his shitty fuckery that they call rap. He is most likely homo-sexual.
Aaron: Hey you heard that new Lil B song called "Swagin while I'm Shittin"???

Trey: No I have a life.

Aaron: Aye nigga Lil B go hard! He the based god!

Trey: I'll stick to Lupe Fiasco.

Aaron: He uses too many big words for me
by JDog335 February 27, 2011
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