The act of going to a friend or new friends Facebook page and liking as many posts as possible in a very short period of time.
I accepted Mike's friend request and he immediately liked my last twenty posts, he totally was on a like binge!
by michaeltoregon February 27, 2014
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The action of liking groups, statuses, pictures etc. on the popular social networking site, Facebook.
"Dude, totally went on a like binge the other day.. plagued the news feed with pointless groups that somehow relate to my life. Such a rush"
by nenenenenene May 16, 2010
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When someone is aimlessly scorlling Facebook in a good mood a decides to go about liking ever staus they read that either makes them chuckle, smile, think or is visually appealing. Liking binges can happen without one even realizing it before it becomes awkward.
“Bro I’m trying to fuck Amanda. She liked my Status!”

“Naw man she’s like mine, Jamal, John and Carlos bro. She’s just on a liking binge
by Unlimitedpower April 18, 2019
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