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1) A little button on Facebook used to express a positive response about someone's status, picture, video, link or pretty much anything else a person does.

2) The same button can also be used sarcastically.

Note: It is not dissimilar to the little "Thumbs-Up" picture next to each definition on Urban Dictionary.
1) Ash: "I just bought myself a new phone! :)" (23 minutes ago)
*you click on Like Button*
You like this.

2) Ash: "I just lost my phone! :(" (3 minutes ago)
*click on it again*
You and 7 others like this.
by SpecialCookies April 06, 2010
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An annoying feature in Facebook that allows people to positively acknowledge a post, image, or video without actually engaging in any form of meaningful conversation or dialogue.
Person #1's Facebook status update: "Man, I wish people would take the time to actually post meaningful comments on the stuff I post instead of just pressing the Like Button"

Person #2 and 3 others like this

Person #1: "God dammit!"
by anonnnnymous12344235 January 04, 2010
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A feature in Facebook posts that allow you to "like" some posts. But seriously, they're no help at all. All they do is just click the like button if they want to, regardless of their actual use.
Hey look, Jessica posted a very corny joke in her Facebook timeline! I'll just click the like button so she might think it's cool, when it's actually stupid.
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by Name315 February 19, 2018
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