very light green marijuana with red hairs also known as Hydroponics.
by Crunchy Black November 18, 2003
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A game played between 2 people. One person puts their hand on the other person's leg and slides it up their leg, toward their genitals, until one of the players gets uncomfortable and stops the game. The object of the game is to see how close person 1 can get to person 2's genitals before someone gets uncomfortable.
Man: Dude, did you see those guys playing red light green light?
Dude: Oh hell yeah man, they went all the way up!
by StayingWoke258 September 8, 2017
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when something's not your reason, not your future, not your comfort, not your reverence, not your glory, not your heaven, not your angel, not your spirit, not your message, not your freedom, not your people, not your neighbor, not your baby, not your equal, not the title y'all want me under.
Red light green light, red light green light; Red light green light, they like, we like, fast cars
by $NOWKONDR May 26, 2021
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Best example for this is when you can't have regular sex like you used to before you had kids. You could have pretty much done it anywhere anytime, but now that you have kids, it's a no go. They're always around. So you can only do it at certain times. Hence the term red light, green light.
red light green light sex:

Jack: Damn, never have kids man
Eric: Why not?
Jack: Because the sex is nothing but red light, green light!

Jack: I'm in the mood.
Lisa : Sorry honey, but can't. I have to go pick up the kids from school soon.
Jack: *fustrated* damn it Lisa, every since we had the kids, its been nothing but red light, green light sex!..
by Erik/Raoul March 16, 2010
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an important lyric from our national anthem (stray kids n/s) that can be used to respond to anything especially to change, or get out of a conversation
jisung: hey man wanna hear a joke-
woojin: red light green light swag bye or wassup man
jisung: i
woojin: bye.
by weather feelin hot or cold November 26, 2018
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Someone that may look white but they’re not actually white
Guy 1: “Look at Levi the white boy”
Guy 2: “He ain’t white, he’s just light light skinned
by Captian Dizzy September 29, 2021
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Tereyo/Light/Light-the-Messiah is a very underrated YouTuber that deserves me attention and traction on YouTube.
Tereyo/Light/Light-the-Messiah is a very good content creator
by Light Light-the-Messiah March 22, 2022
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