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a pure naughty word for calling someone ugly as fuck, like they look like they've been ran over by a double decker bus then someones pure booted them clean in the jaw.
by Josniff June 09, 2018
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Liften (Pronounced Lif-en Silenced 't')
Lift (Pronounced Lif)

Liften - Noun, Adjective, Pro Noun, Verb, Adverb, etc.

1) Liften - To intrude one's personal space or thought of mind. To bother one.

2) An action, substitute as interpretation (Ex. Lift of me Interpenetrated as 'Get off me'

3) Leave greeting, as in 'Bye'

***Main Definition*** - Can be used to substitute words for interpretations as desired (See Examples)

Also see, 'grillin'
"Yo why you liften?"
"Lift off me dawg"
"Lift the fuck up"
"I lift your mom"
"Lif up! Lif up!"
"Dont leave me liften"
"Mans dem liften"
"Yo he be liften"
"Yo im liften, peace"
by AnonymousMax February 17, 2009
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