A person who fails miserable at every major aspect of life, such as marrige, rasing a family, career, finances, ect. This person is usually full of advice which you should never take, and will try and belittle everything you do.
Dan: "I stopped over at Tony's house last night, what a suprise.
Al: "why?"
Dan: "awww, his house looked like a club house, his kids were running around screaming, his wife was a fatass wreck laying on the couch doing nothing, plus he told me he lost his job again and has no money. Then he tries to tell me how I need to paint my house and get a new car"
Al: " he's a real life loser huh?"
by Joey BeefBuicker August 5, 2010
If u read this u are a loser
Hey no life loser imma beat the shit outta you
by Massive banana January 16, 2019
a person who has no future, has two felony charges, has no means of trasnportation, distributes illegal drugs, someone that is with a chick with a kid by a different guy
gregory banks is a low life loser
by BCT<3 September 23, 2010