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Liakos is a handsome guy , dark hair , maybe blue and brown eyes. Liakos is a greek name that comes from the name Hlias. Hes really kind and loves his friends, he will probably have a passion for music, dancing or painting. Hes really good with girls and always loves to fuck around, hes a god at sex , he will make any girl fall for him, hes probably really known in his city, or his school, maybe even on social media. Hes really nice and loves all his friends and family and will do anything to make them happy.
Girl 1 : Dude have you seen Liakos?
Girl 2 : Yes! Hes so hot.
by ethandclan October 16, 2019
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Someone extremely gay, a catamite, a subssimisive male gay person.
Did you see that movie Alexander? That Vagoas guys was really Liakos man.
by thanasis September 13, 2019
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