A person who loves to make people laugh, cares for them, but when you get them angry.... (you get the gist). Liads tend to be a bit seductive and love taking off their clothing. Liads give absolutely 0 shits about their surroundings and will do anything to get a good chuckle or two.. maybe three.
Damn you're so fucking crazy, is your name Liad?
by Chickennuggets1234 March 13, 2017
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The common Liad has tons of charisma loves to speak , he is very smart but lazy and very good socializing with other people and he will probably will be a prime minister someday
Wow he is so sexy he is probably a LIAD
by Hapoelzona December 27, 2019
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A person who follows around for no reason and enjoys insulting people around him
A: who is that guy who goes around and calling people faggot?
B: That guy’s a Liad
by Doris the destroyer December 14, 2019
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a noun to describe someone who loves cheese
That kid is liad; he eats at least 10 serving of cheese per day.
by Dust Destroyer March 18, 2011
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A sarcastic person that care non about life or anything around him. Usually, the Liad can be seen using his phone. An basic way to recognize a Liad person is by their non caring looking facial expression.
This guy dont care about his environment. He is such a Liad
by HaPaziz October 07, 2018
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A non caring person who usually wont try to contant the outside world. A Liad can be mostly found on his/her phone. One way to recognize a Liad is by their “dont bother me” facial expression
This guy is such a Liad, he dont care about nothing
by HaPaziz October 07, 2018
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He is an ass and you will want to run away from him and he picks his nose
Liads a dick
by Levi_362 January 26, 2019
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