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лезгинка in Russian. The most fast-paced and energetic dance you'll ever try, originating from Causasian countries (Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey & Iran).
That Georgian lezginka dance video got me sweatin m8
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by raviolialoiv April 21, 2018
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It is said Stalin would force his ministers to dance for him at his evening parties, to his great amusement. More likely, he tried to teach them a dance from his home province of Georgia, the Lezginka, by getting them to follow his steps, a thoroughly traditional and happy past-time among men from the Caucasus. Lezginka is a fascinating dance originating between the Black and Caspian Sea. To the outsider a first, and false, impression is the men's movements look comedic, even ridiculous. Further observation reveals Lezginka to be a ritual of exquisite beauty and skill. There is joy, seriousness, and emotion, coupled with vigorous, intricate footwork. Modern opinion is that this dance is a men's war dance, and women only recently joined in. History says otherwise. Women's steps are telling. They waft around in a graceful, regal, and slow-motion manner, leading the men, who follow, jumping around the women with vigor, ardor and animation, but never touching them. This is a clue pointing towards ancient matriarchal origins of the dance, possibly a wardance expressing men's fealty to their women rulers. Indeed, the Scythians of the Black Sea region have such a legend, that the male warriors were so overwhelmed by the military prowess of a band of Amazons that they devoted themselves to serving their newfound female leaders. In the Nart Sagas of the Caucasus, there is a great woman protagonist Satanaya (Satana, Sela-sata) who embodies matriarchal values, offering further clues.
By watching a man dance the Lezginka, a woman can divine his personality.
by Zoschenko August 23, 2018
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