The haxzorest l33test, awesomest guy in the world.

(2) To get killed in a way that glorifis the other guy.
-Wow, did you hear about how Lews bitch slapped the gnomes?

-Yeah, that was so l33t!


Dude, I just got Lewsed.
by Lews March 14, 2005
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lee - wee

as in bruce lee and the nintendo wii

pussy status


when someone does something or says something pussy like
That was the leweiest shit i ever heard.

that guy is hella lewe.

His voice is lewe.

That was a lewe ass punch.
by nipz69 June 4, 2009
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Zoned out usually after smoking marijuana you become zoned out or disconcentrated from what u were doing.... ashtrayed
Look at joe he is lewed af
by Lcopca December 22, 2017
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To flatulate onto something in a ironic manner
The mysterious man lewed on the shrubbery that Monty Python was in search of.
by DaCatManz June 13, 2011
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One Sexy Mo'Fo With Sex On The Brain, Cmmonly Refered To as A Sex Pest and Owns His Own Sex Palace
Wow Zoe Really Wants To Stay on Late and Fuck Lewes
by Cocknnor April 29, 2009
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a girl that is a lesbian and a jew
Dude, she's a lew! Don't piss her off!
by schn461 June 28, 2011
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A type of male whos sole meaning for existence is alcoholism, womanizing, and writing. Are decent writers don't tell them that because they are also really egotistical. Are also amoral pricks but know how to have fun
You see that dude over there? Is he a lew?

Well, he's wearing a blazer and it's 90 degrees out, is on his 8th whiskey, and is talking to that girl about his novel. I'd say he's a lew.
by beebee3133 October 12, 2017
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