A verb meaning Butt Raped, or just anal penetration
Damn...I just got Levied by that History Test
by thatonekid99 February 10, 2009
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A man who chooses someone to love and sticks to them without fail. This person doesn’t always love them back, and they will try and substitute the loss with others. And yet Levi will always return to that person without fail. He will Be their best friend, someone to cry on, their biggest supporter; and yet will even let them love someone else just to see them happy. Levi will work long hours to help forget his pain about the person, and still always make time for them. No matter how you slice it, Levi is an incredibly loyal and loving person; who will do anything for those he loves.
Man, everyone can really rely on Levi to always be there.
by Yessssssssssds March 7, 2019
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Sexy, best looking in a button down shirt. :)
by Word_Lover146 April 15, 2015
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the sexiest, most sweetest person alive. If you ever get married or even find yourself dating or even best friends with a Levi keep his ass. he will rock your world like no tomorrow. and no matter how hard life gets for either you or him or maybe even both he will stay and comfort you.
i miss my levi. i love him so much.
by daddys_bxby_girl05 September 13, 2020
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There are few words to adequately describe a Levi. However, if you are fortunate to find and know one, you will undoubtedly find that they are:
caring, compassionate, attentive, driven, faithful, understanding, multifaceted, humble, attractive, hard-working and a plethora of other adjectives.
Most importantly, Levi's are warriors - they will drop everything and be ready to fight for what they find sacred, important and hold dear.
You never have to worry when being around a Levi. If you are sad, they will make you laugh. If you need a good dose of perspective, they are ready to be honest.
Bottom line - you are lucky...no, blessed to know a Levi.
I know that no matter what, I can call on Levi and he'll be there.
by aurorastar13 January 31, 2016
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Very mean and also likes to clean way to much. Very short. Also hates little German boys that yell about titans.
Oh Levi? He made me clean the stables yesterday.
by HanjiZoë April 18, 2018
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