Letizia is one of the funniest people you will meet in your life. She is a person who has lots of friends and is very cute. Her great personality is not her only attribute she is also very good looking and make boys go crazy.
by Jblcalculatoepenskype=greatnes January 21, 2020
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An angel on earth. Letizia is the most beautiful girl you can lay eyes upon. Something about her is so deeply mesmerizing and you will be immediately infatuated. Letizia is intelligent and wise past her age. Although she has an angelic presence she definitely listens to the devil on her shoulder, meaning she is very impulsive, do not underestimate or challenge her. She is intelligent and a lot of people are often intimidated by her, if you are worthy of her she will give you her heart and go to the moon and back for you. Letizia has strong values which do not get questioned. She is always right. Be honored she cares about you because she often finds herself giving pearls to porks. Letizia is very pure and wishes to make people around her happy and lights up a room as soon as she steps into one. There is a lot below the surface and this girl has a deep darkness within. Letizia is can be very manipulative and has many alter egos and personalities, therefore it is hard to understand her. She has a sister called after a flower and she loves her with all her soul so if you hurt her Letizia will get you and you will burn in hell. So much can be said about Letizia but she is someone you will likely never forget
Letizia is the most perfect human being in every way
by pupsyassister June 28, 2019
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1. Smart.
2. Probably latina.
3. Really cute.
4. Bad ass.
I wish I was more like Letizia.
by Margot Romanov August 28, 2009
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Letizia is the smartest and prettiest girl in the world. In fact she is God's daughter. She is very funny and especially enjoys dark humor. She is a badass bitch and probably have some attitude issues, but have patience once you get to know her, she is as soft as a marshmello!! Don't piss her of, she will butn your house down and gut you.
Ayy Letizia!! I wish i was like you!
by Zelection101 January 24, 2020
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Letizia is a ugly fat person that is so rude and she should date a Rafael ASAP. Her best friend is Eva
I ship Letizia and raf
by Eva is Leti best friend November 03, 2020
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Letizia is ugly and fat but she should date someone called Rafael. Her bestie is also eva.
Letizia should date rafael
by Eva is Leti best friend November 03, 2020
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