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Infamous phrase originated by Gianni (aka: Viscosity, Johnny Vicious, Versace, Johnny Ball Sack, Johnny Blaze, etc.) King of the one liners. The original use of this phrase was to not answer an invitation to go some place or do something. Example: You- “Yo I am having a bbq on Saturday, come by” Viscosity- “yea, let me know.” You- “Oook.”. -- Then -- (the day before the gathering) You-– “So tomorrow is the bbq, you gonna come by?” Vicious- “yo whos gonna be there?” You- “yo I dunno u know the usual peeps, just come by and hang if you want” Viscosity- “yo let me know.” You- “I am letting you know now!” … This catch phrase if used in excess can grow to extreme annoyance and lameness. In the occasion of excessive use, a response phrase of “what do you want to know!”…. “Let Me Know” also “Lemme Kno” has transformed and expanded to many uses and applications. The infamous and rarely seen Viscosity himself has been seen and quoted using “Let me know” to try to attract a member of the opposite sex. (A female walks by), “Yooooooo, let me knoooo” Or “You can let me know” or “I can let you know if you want me to” or “I can let her know”. It can be used in many different occasions and there have been variations of the phrase and responses to the phrase. Including “You can let me know” “You can let me know if you want” “If you want, I can let you know” “I can let you know” “I’ll let you know” “Tell her let me know” “Yo, tell your mom to let me know”. Responses include: “What do you want to know” “I will let you know” “I will let your mom know” Usual response: “I am letting you know” “yo listen if you don’t want to come, don’t” “lameoo” “detaaaa” “detuahhh” “buah
-Yo we are playing video games tomorrow nite.
-Yea, yo let me know.
by Yea men March 04, 2009
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