That hurt feeling from getting dumped that you feel right in your chest or heart area. That pain you just try to fight, but it won't go away, that's the burning. You have to go through that hurting to get over someone. "let it burn", don't fight it...time will heal that pain if you just let it work it's way through your body.
"She left me for some other guy, this shit is killing me"

Friend-"All I can tell you is to let it burn"
by Dwade117 September 05, 2007
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let it hurt.

don't fight it, let the pain of loss hurt, even though you want that person back so much that it hurts to even think of them.
Jus listen to the words in the song, that's ya example.
by D.G.X. October 02, 2004
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To throw caution to the wind. IDGAF for respectable and/or moms of the boomer era and beyond. A flashback to the days of the mother as the homemaker and sole keeper of the kitchen. Not necessarily dangerous and not always a mom, an act just a bit out of character for any cautious person.
Joan asked Doris if she was sure she could drive after having those fortified cocktails, to which she responded, "meh, let the roast burn!"

"We told them we'd be back by 5."
"But we have two more thrift stores to hit."
"Ah, let the roast burn!"
by the Momur November 14, 2019
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