Mix of sadness, hurt and embarrassment runs through your body. resulting in the hurt feeling.
Sue shouts at tracy in front of everybody and calls her useless! Tracy walks away with the hurt feeling!
by Atlasss June 10, 2017
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The “Hurt Feelings Police” are people who attack others with viewpoints opposing their own. This is typically found on social media when someone posts something that get’s deemed “controversial.” A lot of times this happens in things about LGBT+ people, people of color, other minorities, and politics.
"Hey man, I made this post about my views on the current president and sparked the Hurt Feelings Police."
by musicalqueerpunk March 21, 2018
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When a person feels hurt over something that could not be avoided or by something trivial. Can be used in reference to a person who is pouting.
She had hurt bunny feelings when I told her that I received a higher exam grade than her, even though she studied more.
by marketspice January 06, 2010
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