1. the wacky goings-on of the lesbian community.

2. actions of allegedly heterosexual women which may lead you to believe that they are "less than hetero."
guy 1: dude, i think i just saw Jenny take Andrea into the bedroom and lock the door.

guy 2: there's some serious lesbi-antics going on with those two.
by gofuk yerself November 9, 2005
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this is where to girls are really good friends. Much like a bromance, accept between two girls, or women.
by Poopskie January 17, 2009
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A super lesbian that is so dykish she needs to have both names to describe her sexuality.
Yo u see dat gurl? I think she a lesbian.

Nahh nigaa she a lesbi-dyke. dats a whole notha category of pussy lickin.
by fuckniggazgetmoney September 9, 2010
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A lesbi-bestie is a straight person best lesbian friend
Susan: hey do you know Janice

Bob: oh yeah she's my lesbi-bestie
by E-pizzel April 11, 2018
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when you are oggled/checked out by a lesbian
"OMG! Ladies, 'Female McLadyLover' just checked out my ass! Lesbi-win!"
by Deebs1015 June 13, 2013
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Lesbi-hobos are lesbians who are homeless and have no respect for personal boundaries. They feed on garbage and fresh pretty girls. Much like zombies. Victims are usually girls who are drunk and can't defend themselves. Always seen in ripped flannel, black beanie hats, dirty knock off Birkenstocks, and dirt covered wet trench coats.
If you see any lesbi-hobos, do not approach them. They are wild animals. They do not like men, so always have one with you; gay or straight.
"She got raped after dark in the mall parking lot by 4 lesbi-hobos."

"Look at those lesbi-hobos sleeping by the fence."
by Bluebyll November 20, 2014
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