The act of existing as a lesbian while doing something explicitly lesbian. A lesbian thinking about another girl she has a crush on would be lesbianing. Also, a lesbian kissing her girlfriend would be lesbianing.
Those two lesbians just moved in together after the second date. They're lesbianing so hard.
by That lesbian over there November 2, 2018
Two women being lesbians together and having a good life.
Friend A: "Yeah, we've known each other a while. She's amazing. I can just imagine us lesbianing together."

Friend B: "Ask her out then."
by Cr3ditsgotoemu September 11, 2022
Jason: that girl Kayla is such a hottie. I can turn her straight

William: dude, she’s a lesbian, respect that.
by definitely not gay totally October 23, 2019
A woman who is attracted to other women only
Person: Hey, I’m a lesbian
Straight girl: don’t have a crush on me or anything, right?
Person: No, Emily, I don’t have a crush on your lulu lemon, iced coffee, scrunching wearing ass. I’m a lesbian. That doesn’t mean I don’t have standards.
by arialevon29 August 9, 2020
NOT something for men to sexualise.
Man 1: “I saw some hot shit at the mall today”
Man2: “what?”
Man1: “lesbian bro, they where defo doing it for me to watch”
by Grey_2212 February 5, 2021