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Specifically, a "male lesbian" is a heterosexual man who wishes that he had been born a woman, but who (even if he had been a woman) could only make love to another woman and never to a man. Unlike the transsexual, the "male lesbian" does not feel himself to be "a woman trapped inside the body of a man". In some cases men practice sex with women using only there hands, mouths and toys and never penetrating with their genitals but this is extremely rare...
A man who identifies as a female lesbian without the feeling of being in the wrong body would be a Lesbian Man...
by Le Pee Wee May 21, 2012
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A lesbian man is a man who hates men but likes women.
Mike: I hate guys, they are awful people. Women are so nice. Thats why I like women.
Bob: You sound like a lesbian. You are like a lesbian man or something.
by _L_i_s_a_ July 10, 2006
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A person, biologically male, who are sexually attracted to women; but who wish they could have sex with women AS a woman, as in, lesbian style. During fantasy, they imagine themselves as a female with other female(s). May often simulate female sex via anal toys and feminizing hormones. They would probably like to be pegged by a girl. May or may not be transgender.
My boyfriend is a lesbian man... he just wants to be pegged by a woman, but he isn't turned on by guys.
by Plasmondubstep September 21, 2017
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a lesbian man is a man who cannot talk to women in the way that a normal woman or man can. you see
if a lesbian and a man who is not 'lesbiann man' see a attractive woman in a bar, and they are both sober and confident, then the man will be the most likely to attempt to chat her up.
this is because the man is sure that she is more likely to be heterosexual, unless he inadvertently walked into a bar called 'she*she' or something.
a lebian woman will not want to embarrass herself because there is a very small chance, if any, that this woman will be gay, or inclined unless drunk and suggestive. therefore, the poor lesbian woman goes home empty handed. if they continue this mindset of women shunning them because of their sexual preferences, then they will find it hard to pluck up the courage to ask a woman for company etc.

LESBIAN MAN is not gay. he just has the same mindset as a lesbian woman. he is attracted to women, but he is too nervous to ask them out because subconsciously, he feels like a lesbian, and is too nervous to ask them for company, for fear of rejection. but he is not sure why. he just lacks the confidence to even risk running the chance of disappointment.
woman- hey, wanna buy me a drink?

man- urm erm ar er huh? yea-yeah-yes

woman- oooooookaay. walks off
'to girls' bit of a lesbian man

man- damn
by rewhnock January 11, 2007
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A man who is attracted to women and decides to have genital surgery in order to make himself a woman.
A lesbian man would be if John grew up as a male, he was a ladies man in high school, he hits age 30 and decides he has always wanted to be a female because he was never comfortable in his own body. He then proceeds to go through a sex reassignment surgery to make his genitals into a female's genitalia. He then becomes a woman,his name is turned into Jane and is still attracted to women not men. Therefore, Jane is a lesbian although she used to be a male.
by Akbar Puffin Muffin October 07, 2009
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