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Stacked, just and dripping with Sexy!! Almost always happy and smiling, she brightens up the room like the sun aint got nothin on her. Laughing is her favorite thing to do. She can't help but wear her hear on her sleeve, much to her dismay so you never have to ask her how she is feeling, you just have to look at her. Smarty Pants, (even though she loses her keys within one minute and can't remember what she did on her birthday...or tuesday). It is in her nature to be good to people even when they dont deserve it . Viciously loyal, this girl will whoop some ass for you and will love you more passionately and devotedly than any other.
John: I just saw this happy chick at the bookstore dancin in the aisle to 80's music, reading about some codex thing, DAAAMN was she stacked, I wish I would have gotten her number!
Ted: Oh, that must have been Lesa
Looking in freezer: OH, I just found Lesa's phone... wait, its a kindle with happiness now on it.
by RedSkiesAtNight February 05, 2010
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Loving and caring; sweet; beautiful; someone everyone wants
Did you check out that Lesa girl!?
by Kevin January 19, 2004
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