A substitute for an eye drop, very helpful, but a little painful.
Me: Hey can I have a Lemon?
Friend: Sure.
Me: *Puts Lemon juice in eye*
Me: Much Better.
by LE Humble January 13, 2020
1. a sexual activity in which one partner (Partner-A, the lemon-juicer) lies down on their back with their chin pointing upward, while the other partner (Partner-B, the Lemon) squats, spreads their buttocks, and then places their anus around the tip of Partner-A's chin. Partner-B then spins themselves in a counter-clockwise direction until fluid from their anus is squeezed out and begins to flow into Partner-A's mouth. This sexual act has been colloquially dubbed "Lemon-Juicing" due to its visual resemblance to the scene of a lemon fruit being juiced. Partner-A’s chin is said to resemble a tool known as a Lemon-Juicer that is used in the lemon juicing process, while Partner-B’s anus is said to resemble the half of a lemon fruit that is undergoing the juicing process.
- Since the two of them saw fit to begin lemon juicing while the night was young, he delicately spread his ass cheeks and sat on her chin until the fluid ran into her mouth.

- “Bro, Charles and Haley were totally lemon juicing on the couch earlier, and Charles told me he drank all of the ass-juices himself!”
by Delta December 19, 2016
It's a saying for a Alcoholic drink. You see Lemon Juice Is bitter and strong right? well so is Alcohol.
"This Lemon Juice is to strong, But I love it."
by MegaJared March 8, 2017
the worst thing on the face of the earth, should never be sold or grown limes are just as bad but green
last xmas i drank 8 full large cups of lemon juice no lies!! i was sick for 3 days.
by cupatercake April 27, 2009
When a man ejaculates into or onto a part of a female and then proceeds when finished to urinate on to said semen to produce a yellow and white concoction known as Lemon Juice Chowder.
Eddie: " Last night when i was getting anal sex Ryan cooked some Lemon Juice Chowder all over my face".

Ryan: "Yep, then when it was finished cooking I tried some and it was Delicious"!

Eddie:"I love you baby, let's make some more". (sexual groans)
by Lapp daddy October 12, 2011
to do anything and everything humanely possible to make someone with whom you interact on a daily basis stop swearing.
mother : Daniel, I literally need to wash your mouth with lemon juice, now. Your teacher just called me to say you have a vocabulary problem,

son : why should I stop swearing? Make me.
by Sexydimma April 5, 2013